PLUGIN workspace

The PLUGIN workspace is a shared office for independent; freelance; dislocated; start up; professionals; traffic refugees; home office prisoners and anyone else seeking an exceptional place to work, surrounded by talented and driven people creating their own success.


  • as your corporate address
  • to meet with clients and customers
  • to work
  • to meet with coworkers and vendors
  • to host your events
  • to base your non for profit
  • to give presentations
  • to teach at
  • to build your brand
  • to build your business

We offer:

Desks; fantastic chairs; a thriving business community to connect with; conference rooms; really good coffee; lightning fast secure internet access; a great place to work and interact with others

Our layout includes:

20 shared workstations; 1 conference room; 2 phone conference rooms; and a coffee lounge.

Members reserve space as they need it.